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Surabaya's Infrastructure Transformation: Unprecedented Growth and Development under Mayor Eri Cahyadi's Dynamic Leadership

May 13, 2024

Under the visionary leadership of Mayor Eri Cahyadi, Surabaya has undergone a remarkable enhancement in its infrastructure landscape, marked by unprecedented growth and development. With a relentless commitment to improve the city's livability and connectivity, Cak Eri, as he is referred by Surabaya residents, has initiatives to enhance roads, channels, housing, public lighting, and paving construction, paving the way for a more advanced, humanistic and sustainable city for its citizens.

Road Development

The length of roads built in Surabaya has seen a significant increase year by year under Cak Eri's tenure. In 2021, a total of 32,623.35 meters of roads were constructed across 446 locations. This number soared to 37,803.48 meters in 2022, covering 269 locations, and further surged to 44,774.71 meters in 2023, spanning 242 locations. Looking ahead, plans are underway to construct roads in 178 locations by 2024, highlighting the city's commitment to enhancing connectivity and accessibility for its residents.

Channel Development

Similarly, channel development has been a key focus area for Surabaya's infrastructure revitalization efforts. In 2021, a total of 50,789.53 meters of channels were developed in 672 locations, followed by 26,598.50 meters in 360 locations in 2022. This momentum continued into 2023, with 39,752.76 meters of channels developed across 435 locations. These initiatives not only mitigate flood risks but also contribute to improving drainage systems and environmental sustainability in the city.

Dandan Omah Program

Mayor Eri's administration has also prioritized housing repairs to address uninhabitable conditions and improve the quality of life for residents through dandan omah innovation. In 2021, 623 units were repaired using regional income and expenditure budget allocations. This number more than doubled in 2022, with 1,444 units repaired through a combination of regional government funds and corporate social responsibility. By 2023, a total of 3,909 units underwent renovations, reflecting the city's commitment to provide safe and habitable housing for its residents.

Public Street Lighting

Ensuring public safety and enhancing urban aesthetics, Surabaya has made significant investments in public street lighting. In 2021, a total of 93,252 lighting points were installed across 7,148 locations, with further expansions in subsequent year with a total of 96.252 public street lighting points in 7,270 locations. By 2023, the city boasted a total of 105,846 lighting points in 7,960 locations, with plans to add 10,936 points by 2024, illuminating Surabaya's streets and pathways for residents and visitors alike.

Paving Construction

Furthermore, paving construction has seen substantial progress under Mayor Eri's leadership, with a focus on utilizing sub-district funds to enhance local infrastructure. In 2022, 22,178.95 meters of paving were constructed in 227 locations, followed by 53,472.55 meters in 511 locations in 2023. As of May 10, 2024, a total of 107,692.07 meters of paving had been realized, reflecting the city's commitment to improve accessibility and enhance the urban environment.

Public Transportation

Public transportation development in Surabaya has been a key focus of the City Government, aiming to provide affordable, safe, and convenient public transportation options for its residents. One of the notable initiatives is the provision of new public transportation modes that cater to the needs of the city's population. Surabaya offers a highly accessible and affordable public transportation system, with a fare of only 5 thousand rupiahs and free rides for the elderly. In 2022, Cak Eri made significant strides in expanding its transportation network with the addition of 10 new Suroboyo Buses, increasing the total fleet to 28 units. Additionally, 31 new units of Trans Semanggi buses and 52 units of Wira-Wiri feeders were introduced, further enhancing the city's public transit infrastructure and improving connectivity for commuters across Surabaya. These developments underscore the mayor’s commitment to provide efficient and sustainable transportation solutions that meet the evolving needs of its residents while reducing congestion and promoting environmental sustainability.

Inundation Area Decrease

Cak Eri, further dedicates his governance to reduce inundation and enhancing inundation resilience throughout the city. Under his leadership, Surabaya has embarked on comprehensive infrastructure development initiatives, focusing on improving drainage systems and pumping houses facilities. To address inundation challenges, the city has developed 25 new drainage systems, complemented by the provision of 75 new pumping houses equipped with 315 pumps. Additionally, Surabaya has undertaken significant efforts to construct and renovate 555 channels, further bolstering its inundation management capabilities. As a result of these concerted efforts, the area of inundation in Surabaya has seen a notable decrease, totaling 31,356 hectares. Mayor Eri's proactive approach to inundation mitigation underscores the city's commitment to enhance the quality of life for its residents and ensure the long-term sustainability of Surabaya's urban infrastructure.

In conclusion, Surabaya's infrastructure renaissance under Mayor Eri Cahyadi's leadership stands as a testament to his visionary approach to urban development. Through strategic investments and bold initiatives, Surabaya is paving the way for a more resilient, sustainable, and inclusive future, positioning itself as a model city for infrastructure excellence in Indonesia and beyond.